Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rebus–Holiday Destinations

RebusNov2012Destinations wm

Hi all,
It is time for another rebus swap to share with you all. This is the final rebus for the year, as we take a rest for December, but I will have another to share with you in January.

To finish the year off, our theme this month is Holiday Destinations …. they can be ones taken by you or ones you would like to go to. Most of mine are ones I would like to go to.

If you would like to solve it, why not post a comment to this blog post with your answers. I will let you know what the correct answers are next time I post a rebus card here.

How did you go working out the solutions for my October Rebus which was “U” Words…. here are the correct answers for you to check how you did.

  • Umbrella
  • Unable
  • Unwell
  • University
  • Unchewable
  • Unmatchable
  • Umpire

How did you go?????????

You can find all my past rebus cards here.


Cheryl First said...

Okay, Frances....I have some guesses on a couple of these, but I think for the most part I have them figured. :0)

Here's my guesses:
New Zealand
Grand Canyon
Sunshine Coast

I'll bet you see the two that are stumping me, don't you?! lol! This was so fun! Thanks for a great Sunday morning read with my coffee!

Cheryl First
aka Cafexpressions

Queen Mary said...

Love that you post these Frances - they are so much fun!

Queen Mary said...

PS, I got the same answers Cheryl did -- I had the hardest time with Grand Canyon -- I kept wanting it to be Grand Cayman, then Grand Tinyoff! :)