Monday, May 9, 2016

My New Stamp Area

Hi everyone,

The last few months have been fairly hectic around here with lots of renovations happening. First it was my kitchen and then once that was done my husband and I decided that my stamping area was in much need of a makeover too. Especially as it is the room which adjoins the kitchen so can be seen from that room.

Almost 8 years ago I shared on my blog a new cabinet system my husband created for me which you can see here if you want to see a before view of my room. In that blog post I mentioned that we were planning on adding doors to the cabinet which until now didn't happen.

The photo above shows what it used to look like and was taken almost 8 years ago. The inside of the cabinet is the same as it was before (except for a few added drawers where you see some spaces) but now I have my doors to help hid any mess. The stain has also been replaced with white which gives it a much lighter and clean look. The table and chairs are the same in both photos, but has been cut down, painted white and added a new top to match the rest of my new benches. 

I think you will agree it looks a lot nicer now.

Here is another view of my cabinet taken while the table and chairs were removed being repainted and cut now, it made taken photos so much easier as I could do this without a table getting in the way.

We left the opening at the top of the cabinet, so I could have somewhere to display some of my cards.

Moving around my room to the right, we have another cupboard my DH made for me a few years back which houses a lot of my older Design Team stamps and various other bits and pieces.

Moving to the right again, we now come to my die cutting station. You can see the entry to my kitchen on the very right hand side of the cupboard.

This cupboard has sliding doors and has similar drawers behind it as the main cabinet in the top of this post. This one stores more of my mounted stamps, bigz dies etc. This cupboard is double sided as the other side is the end of our hallway.

In this photo you can see the other side of my Die Cutting Station and at the end of the hall is a walk in cupboard stores stamps, books and various other things.

Another view of the other side of my Die Cutting Station. 

This is the book shelf behind my Die Cutting Station, most of the books that used to be here were culled and now host my unmounted rubber stamps and 6 x 6 paper pads and the few books I couldn't part with.

This is a brand new drawer system my hubby installed for me and was the first part done of the renovations .... as we couldn't finish off that side of the kitchen until we decided what to do on this side.

The middle set of drawers store most of my wafer thin dies which makes them much easier to get to then the previous system I had.

The drawer which looks like it us turned the wrong way at the right of this cabinet, stores my score boards and trimmer so I can get to them easily seeing I use them all the time.

Yes this is the same photo as the other one above ... but I had to share my baby girl Minnie in her chair ... this is where she sits when I am busy stamping. She is so tiny I didn't want to hurt her with the wheels of my chair, so this was an ideal solution. I think I will recover the chair with some turquoise material now I see the room all finished.

Minnie had just had a bath when this photo was taken.

And finally my desk area, which look out into our BBQ area. My computer is on the left hand side and a tv so I can watch my favorite old tv shows while I am working. 

I am so happy with my new stamp area, I am so lucky to have a wonderful hubby to create it all for me. I appreciate all his hard work.


  1. I cannot possible express how HAPPY I am for you while at the same time being very jealous......amazing room and many semis could you get rid of after this girl.....when is he coming to CT to help me out....(I wish)...sooooooo happy for you

  2. Frances, this is a beautiful, well thought out room! I can understand how you can be inspired here and stay organized at the same time. And yes, I can appreciate your hubby's hard work for your crafting space. He did a fantastick job. Awesome.

  3. Wow Wow Wow Frances - you must be thrilled with your hubby's hard work. It looks just AMAZING! Thanks for sharing all the pics and I'm glad the new family member made it into the photos too.

  4. Wow Frances, Phil has done an amazing job, this room looks fabulous. I can't believe not the change in that dinning table, the white just adds a freshness to the room. I am so glad that you left an area to display your cards, you know how much Gai and I enjoying looking at them when we visit. Minnie looks great in her chair but not too happy that she had a bath is my guess.

  5. What a beautiful area to create! You are so lucky. If you DH has any extra time he can come redo my craft room! LOL

  6. I don't think I'd ever leave...even for food! This room is spectacular...a place for everything and everything in its place! Enjoy every moment you spend creating in it. I see you and your hubby made room for your owl collection, too.

  7. This is fabulous! Thank you for touring me through your space and giving me ideas. Question....the thin shelving....does each one roll out...did your husband make those or did you buy? Always visit your blog and post each morning

  8. Absolutely FABULOUS Frances! Yay hubby!!!!!

  9. What a beautiful and well organized room Hootz!! Now you won't need all those semi-trailers. ;) Love all the owl visitors also!! I am so happy for you!!

  10. Fabulous! Thanks fr the good ideas. My turn next!! (to get a redo) :)

  11. I am so jealous of your beautiful room. I would love to know what breed your adorable dog Minnie is. I love her!


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