Friday, April 13, 2012

Look No Stamps!

Bear wm

Hi everyone,

Look no stamps used in my project today and to make matters worse it actually uses sewing LOL!

This was the project at a recent club that I attend each month. Everyone used to create this cute little bear are stamp related. The material used to create the body, head, arms, legs and ears are all made from circles, these were cut using a circle die.

Bear 2 wm

After stitching each circle and adding stuffing each circle is glued on using a glue gun. The eyes and nose are brads.

I probably won’t make another one as I don’t normally sew other than my cards hehe, but it was fun making the one.



  1. This is absolutely adorable, you have so many talents!

  2. how precious is this...and such a creative use of dies

  3. So very cute, Frances! How fun to try something new, too.

  4. So cute. I love it!! even if it isn't stamped. LOL


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