Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving Circle Card!

CIJ Angela wm

Hi all,

I have another card that I created from that Christmas in July shoebox swap that I have been posting the last few days. This time round I have a Moving Circle card which was designed by Angela. Another fun card.

This one has two scallop circles which has been decorated with a slit on one side and then the top circle can be moved around to reveal the one underneath.

CIJ Angela2 wm

Here you can see the same card, but this time round this is the circle which is underneath the colored version. On the top one only the sentiment is seen.



Lavonne said...

Very cool card! Any chance of a tutorial coming on how to make it?? :)

Mary Mac said...

uuuuuh! a really novel card. What a nice surprise for the recipient. TFS.

Mary Mac

Lynne said...

Love your card Frances. Thanks for sharing. Lynne from OZ