Friday, June 28, 2013

Farewell Google Reader

Hi everyone,

In just a few days Google Reader will be gone for good! Sad I know as I have been using this program for a number of years now to keep track of all the blogs I like to follow. June 30th will be the last day that Google Reader will be functioning so you need to think about transferring your reading list to another Reader of some sort. I know I have over a 1000 readers viewing my blog posts using Google Reader and I would hate to lose any of you.

When I first heard about Google Reader going back sometime in March I like many others was a little upset ... I am not fond of change, I liked how Google Reader worked and could be viewed. Anyway I tried a few other readers out there ... which included:

Bloglovin - I subscribed to this one first and it just wasn't for me ... I couldn't work out how to view it the way I wanted to view it so I unsubscribed from it ... but everyone is different, some people love it.

Feedly - Next I tried Feedly another one someone recommended ... it was lot more similar to Google Reader but again it wasn't for me as I lost all my folders which make it easier for me to find a particular blog.

The Old Reader - A friend told me about a new reader which was being created especially because Google Reader was going that would work just like Google Reader. I had to wait a little while before I tried it .... but when it was available I subscribed to it. I have been much happier with this reader ... and the good news is that I can now have it synced on my ipad/iphone using Feeddler Pro which is the app I prefer to use to check my blog posts when I am using my ipad/iphone. It's a little bit more complicated to set up your RSS feeds to start off, but it is pretty easy to do and I love how similar it is to Google Reader.

First up you will have to sign in or register to Old reader ... once you have done this you will need to import your feeds from your Google Reader to The Old Reader.
To import your subscriptions go to your Google Reader and click on the gear icon (settings) which is at the top right hand side ... it just down below your name 
Click on reader settings from this menu
Now click on the Import/Export tab and then click on download your data through Takeout
Now click on create archive
This will create an archive (is dated the date you did it and is called reader) click on download and download this to your computer somewhere where you will find it. (you may be asked to sign into Google before it allows you to save the file)
Go to where you saved the file and upzip the file
Now go back to The Old Reader click on import at the top right hand side
Use the browse button to find the Subscriptions.xml file you downloaded (it should look like the pic below)

Now click on import
Depending on how many feeds you have in your Google Reader how long it takes for it to import. When I did mine I didn’t think it was working but it was in the background so don’t close the page ... just let it do it’s stuff. It could take about 10 mins or so. Less if you don’t have many feeds.
This reader allows me to still have all my folders which some of the other options wouldn’t let me. It is only fairly new compared to the others as it was created due to Google Readers announcement a few months ago ... so I am sure over time there will be other improvements we will like to.
Now if you use Feeddler Pro on your iPad/iPhone to check your blog posts (I love this app ... there is a free version too however the paid one has more options you can use). I found to change over from syncing with Google Reader to The Old Reader ... that I had to go to The Old Reader on my computer and sign in ... because I used the option to sign in originally using Google Reader ... my password wasn't working, so I clicked on the option to email me a link to reset my password. Then I was able to reset my password and then use this to sign in on Feeddler Pro on my iPad/iPhone.
I am very happy now and ready to continue to follow all my favorite blogs when the 1st July comes around :) 


Karen Motz said...

Frances, thank you for mentioning the Feedler Pro app. I didn't know about it but now I've purchased it and synced it with The Old Reader. Have a great weekend!

Nikki said...

Thanks so much for this information Frances. The Old Feeder is great and have set up the app too. I was dreading 1st of July till now....


Diana said...

Thank you so much for this information! I loved the Google Reader and I don't like Bloglovin. But after your post I tryed The Old Reader and I think it is a very good alternative!
Bye Diana

Joanne (jojot) said...

you are such a fountain of info...thanks for sharing your expertise with us all