Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day & Redraw!


To all my fellow Australians who read my blog .... Happy Australia Day .... I am proud to be Australian!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rubbernecker Bucks Redraw

As I still haven't heard from Melinda re the Rubbernecker bucks blog candy ... I have redrawn it ... so now we have a new winner.

I used and the winner number this time was #11 ........ Adair

"I would say my favorite technique lately is watercoloring and Prisma color magic. I seem to do one of these with almost every card. Adair"

Congratulations Adair .... email me and I will organise getting your prize to you.


Judy Rozema said...

Happy Australia Day to you too!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day to you!!! I would love to go to Australia some day.

I emailed you my address this morning. Thank you so, so much!!!

Linda Nicholson said...

Happy Australia Day to you too!


Anonymous said...


Happy Australia Day!!

Unknown said...

Happy Aussie Day!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!