Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun At the Beach

Beach Accordion Fold Card wm

Hi everyone,

Today I am sharing a card I created some years back, it is called an Accordion Fold card. The front of the card is made of of 3 panels which are accordion folded to create a scene. Each panel has something stamped on it and the rest of the card within the frame is cut away so that you see the complete scene through the three panels.

Accordion card 4 wm

Here is another view of the front of my card so you can see all the different folds used to create this card. In the photos below I will show you the different layers which make up the finished scene.

Beach Accordion Fold Card1 wm

Here is the very first panel, I stamped the sandcastle and the sand within the frame and then cut out the rest of the card surrounded it.

Beach Accordion Fold Card2 wm

Here is the second panel, this time round I stamped the girl and boy and some sand, and cut out any of the white space surrounding these images.

Beach Accordion Fold Card3 wm

And finally the last panel. I stamped the palm trees and sponged the sky area blue.