Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rebus–Shakespearean Characters

Rebus Feb2013 Shakespear

Hi all,

It is time for another rebus swap to share with you all. This time round our theme is Shakespearean Character names.

If you would like to solve it, why not post a comment to this blog post with your answers. I will let you know what the correct answers are next time I post a rebus card here.

How did you go working out the solutions for my January Rebus which was ‘V’ Words…. here are the correct answers for you to check how you did.

  • Venison
  • Van
  • Veranda
  • Varnish
  • Vat
  • Vacancy
  • Victory
  • Vision
  • Vowel
  • Venue
  • Vegan

How did you go?????????

You can find all my past rebus cards here.


Carolyn said...

I have seen several of your rebus cards and try to figure them out but have no idea how to play. Can you explain how to do this or how I can find info. on learning these puzzles. Thanks

Unknown said...

very useful tutorials.thanks for share with us.Visalus