Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answering Questions & Comments

Hi everyone, well it is Tuesday here and so far today I haven't stamped up anything to put on my blog ...... I do want to stamp something today ... but unfortunately as that will be for the challenge I do with the CCEE group on SCS, I won't be able to post it here till Monday .... that is even if I get it done ... so far I haven't even figured out what I want to do for the next challenge ... I have taken a stamp set out of a cupboard so maybe that is a good start.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the post about the passing of my grandpuppy, Chloe. I means a lot to know soooo many people care, my dd also read the comments and I think it helped her a little too :)

Now to answer some questions I have received recently:

Q> Bluemoon asked: Luv your smashing card. How do you do the smashing technique? or where can I find it?

A> Sorry I should have put this in my post but I was typing that post up and doing something else at the same time and forgot to do so. Click on the link to find the Smashing Technique Tutorial.

Q> Lynn asked: What did you use to color the owls because your coloring is awesome?

A> Thanks Lynn :) For the majority of my coloring I prefer to use alcohol markers ... the brand I use are trias as I have been using this method for many years now ...... however trias have gone through a number of changes recently so I wouldn't suggest people look for these .... Many people seem to be using Copic markers which are also an alcohol marker so if you are considering trying these I would look for that brand ... I intend to purchase myself too before the end of the year. Check out this Alcohol Marker Tutorial on SCS for some great tips on using these.

Q> Debbie asked: Do you know where I can purchase the girlfriend's stamp ... that I used on this card for Beate's sketch challenge.

A> Sorry no ... this was a present from a friend as part of a secret sister parcel I received recently ..... the stamp does say "Kolette Hall" ...... I am thinking possibly Michaels or some such shop like that but am not sure.

Well I think I have answered all the questioned I have received recently .... thank you all for coming and visiting my blog

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Cat said...

I cam across your blog recently (either a link from someone else, or from an SCS posting--sorry I can't remember!). Anyways, I just LOVE your Rubber Romance cards - beautiful coloring too.

I also like the Girlfriend stamp, and wanted to say I'm nearly positive I've seen it in the Micheal's $1 this past year. I have one at home too.