Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting Punchy!

Today was stamp club day, each month a different person is responsible for picking a project from one of our Aussie stamping magazines which we all do at our stamp club ... makes us actually stamp not just chat ... which is what I would do if I didn't have this project to do cause I prefer to stamp by myself then in a group ..... I never do my best work with a group!

Today project came from a previous Stamping & Papercrafts magazine and was a project created by Kay Stephenson. The idea for this card was to use various sized circle punches and arrange them on your card in a pleasing manner... some of the circles have smaller circles punched out of them off centre and these are thread through the ribbon which is attached to the card.

This project was something I would have picked to do if I was looking through magazines but as it was the selected project for today ..... I decided to give it a go! The card above are the results ... I did change a few things on mine but not all that much. Basically just colors, the flourishes, the canvas background etc. I guess it isn't too bad ... but I doubt I will make another... arranging the circles was certainly a lot harder than I would have expected it to be.


Unknown said...

Its not horrible, but I agree, its not your best work. Nice try, Frances.

michelle sturgeon said...

I like the flowers...perhaps its the rounded corners that are throwing me off...?

Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL Francis, I love how you arranged those circles. I've try to do this myself and know how hard it is. Don't be do hard on yurself.

Wanda said...

SO pretty!

LorettaL said...

The layers are lovely!
The flourishes are fabulous.
The silk flowers are simply fantastic.
The circles are superb!

Very nice!!!

Michele Kovack said...

See, now I really love this card! I think it is cool the way you have your circles and flowers arranged....I gues that is why art is sooooo subjective!

Rose Ann said...

I think this is very beautiful!! I love the colors, swirls, and flowers!