Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Rebus Birthday Card


Hi everyone,

As many of you who follow my blog are aware, each month I participate in a rebus swap with a couple of my friends and I upload my rebus which is normally a piece of card with a lot of different rebus’ to a particular theme.

Last year Holly McMillen was inspired by my rebus swap to host a challenge based on rebus to create cards. I had such fun doing her challenge, that this year we decided to add a couple of rebus cards to the schedule of our rebus swap for something different.

This month was our first time to make a card that uses rebus and the theme was …. birthday cards. I think you can easily work out what my card says Smile.




  1. Wonderful idea Frances, love your stitching!

  2. Oh...this is so fun too and I have no clue what it says...LOL!!! Hugs ~S~


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