Monday, October 19, 2015

Cards That Wow with Sizzix

Hi everyone,

About 12 months or so ago, Stephanie Barnard who designs dies for Sizzix including the Flip-Its Card dies, Stand-Ups Card dies and Step-Ups Card dies emailed me to ask if I would be willing to contribute some cards for a book she was planning on putting out for Sizzix. Of course I said yes.

The book has finally been released and is called Cards That Wow with Sizzix. The two cards on the bottom left hand side of the cover are mine :)

The first twenty pages of the book cover basics like the different versions of Sizzix machines available and 'how to'  instructions on assembling the Stand-Ups, Step-Ups and Flip-Its Cards. The remainder of book features over 100 pages of cards featuring these dies and more.

After looking through the book I discovered that 41 of my cards made it into the book ... yay!

The double page spread above features two of my cards included in the book.



Joanne (jojot) said...

so excited for you...and no surprise thatt you have so many cards in the book.....only surprised that you didn't do all of the cards AND write the book, cuz you are the queen of these cards.....congrats, Hoots

Unknown said...

41 cards?!? That's wonderful (and no surprise with your talent)! Congrats, Hoots!!!

Karen Aicken said...

Oh Wow Frances - way to go! I can say "I knew you when" now. :-) I bet every one of the 41 cards are FABULOUS.

Gypsy 2 said...

Congratulations pleased that all of your hard play has paid off for you.41 cards in one book is simply amazing.

Deb M in BC :) said...

I love this book and saw your cards in it! You should get your own book with your talents!