Friday, January 29, 2016

Rebus - Things Found in a Toybox

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted a rebus card as my friend and I who play this together each month had a break during December. But it is fun to be able to get my collection of rebus stamps out again and figure out what I could do for my rebus postcard for our January theme.

This month the theme is Things Found in a Toybox

If you would like to solve my rebus puzzle, why not post a comment on my blog post with your answers. I will let you know what the correct answers are next time I post a rebus card here.

How did you go solving my November Rebus which was "Names or Things Related to Christmas". Here are the correct answers so you can check how you did.

  1. Reindeer
  2. Sleigh
  3. Santa Claus
  4. Wise men
  5. Advent
  6. Boxing Day
  7. Candy Canes
  8. Chimney
  9. Dancer
  10. Mince Pies

You can find all my past Rebus cards here

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