Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lace Pocket Box

Hi everyone,

It's my turn to post a tutorial today on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog today. For my project today I have used the new Moda Scrap Lace Pocket die that I used for my project last week, but this time round I have created a box which would make a lovely presentation to use when giving a gift.

Here is how I created the box:

1. Using the Moda Scrap Lace Pocket die, die cut two pockets from aqua cardstock.
  • Fold the tabs on the die cut pieces towards the back.

  • Cut two pieces of aqua cardstock that measure 3 inches x 10 inches.
  • Score and fold at 4 1/4 inches on both pieces of card.
  • The longer part of these pieces of card will be for the base of the box and the shorter part for the sides.

  • Apply adhesive tape to all of the tabs on both pockets, applying tape to both sides of the bottom tabs.
  • Take one of the strips of cardstock and starting with the top of one of the side portion of one of the strips of aqua cardstock adhere one of the side tabs and the bottom tab to the edge of the cardstock. (TIP: for the first strip of cardstock apply the bottom part of the strip so the tabs are under the base, this way the tabs won't be seen when the box is completed).
  • Repeat this using the second lace pocket,
  • Next take the remaining strip of aqua cardstock and starting on the other side tabs of the pocket, adhere the strip to the pocket tabs. Adhere the base tabs to the top of the strip of cardstock that goes under the box.
  • Optional: Cut two more pieces of aqua cardstock 3 inches x 4 1/4 inches and adhere to the inside side panels so that the tabs are hidden.

2. Using the second smallest die from the Moda Scrap Stitched Fishtail Banner die set, die cut two fishtail banners from White Soft Finish Cardstock. 
  • Cut off approximately 1 1/2 inches from both straight ends of the fishtail flags. Glue the ends together to make one large banner and adhere to the front of the box referring to the photo as a guide.
  •  Die cut the "Love" and "You" sentiments from aqua cardstock that has Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the back from the Love Sentiments die set and adhere sentiments to each side of the Fishtail Banner.
3. Using the long leaf from the Moda Scrap Pair of Leaves 2 die set, die cut 4 leaves from green cardstock, sponge leaves with green ink.

  • Cut of most of the stem from each of the leaves and adhere two leaves end to end so you get one long strip.
  • Repeat with other two leaves.
  • Adhere the leaves together so that they cross over each other (See photo above).

4. Using the Moda Scrap Dancing Butterflies die set, die cut two full butterflies from pink cardstock.
  • Trim off the antenna from the butterfly that will be on the bottom,
  • Apply glue to the front body section of the bottom butterfly and adhere the body of the other butterfly over the top.
  • Bend the wings of the top butterfly forward.
  • Adhere Pink/Silver Glitter Dots Peel Off Stickers to the body section of the top butterfly.
Thanks for visiting my blog today, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.



Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments on my creations. Hope you enjoy your day!