Friday, April 10, 2020

All Aboard, Riley and Friends

Hi Crafty Friends,

A little while ago Tanya the owner of Riley and Company, asked me to make a card for her that used the Karen Burniston (KB Riley LLC) Train Pivot Panels die set using Riley and some of his friends. Tanya wanted something similar to a card Karen Burniston created some time ago. You can see Karen's card she created here.

 I am always up for a challenge, so this is what I came up with.

I used the Crosshatch - Rectangles for the panels on my card, inside and out. I used the same rectangle die for the glitter cardstock for the snow area and then used the snow border from Nature Edges die set for the snowy border. I also added a glitter panel to the bottom section of the Train Pivot Panels.

The trees are from the Evergreen Pivot Panels. The signal and train tracks are from the Train Elements die set.

I trimmed off the tops of each of the train carriages, so that we just had flat trailers behind the train.

I then added some of  Riley and Company's characters to each of the carriages.

In the far left carriage I added the newest Riley and Company character ... Edgar. Next I added Percy from the Riley and Percy Snow Dancing stamp. 

The dog is Tucker the dog, he was too big for the train, so I had to reduce the size of this image which I did with permission from Tanya.

Next up is Felix the Cat. I cut off the cat's arms and tail. I placed the tail next to the cat in the carriage, so it could be seen. I then shortened both the arms and reattached them to the image.

Of course the train needed a driver and who better than Riley. I looked through my Riley collection for an image that was looking front on and waving and was small enough to fit in the window of the train. I used Parachute Riley for this purpose.

Here is a close up of the train, so you can see all the characters together.

For the front of the card, I replicated the panels on the inside using the same patterned paper and glittered cardstock. I added the train tracks along the bottom and the trees along the top of the snow.

I used the Riley and Company "Or Bust" stamp for the sign. As I wanted to include the All Aboard sentiment from the Train Elements die set I had to make my own sign portion to replace the sign Riley was holding. I did this using the Crosshatch Rectangles die set. I then removed the sign from the Riley image and added him to my new sign.

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jean said...

I love Riley and friends!!

Karen Aicken said...

What a creative way to use all those fun Riley characters!