Sunday, April 19, 2020

Rotating Calendar

Hi Crafty Friends,

Today I am sharing a calendar I created recently. Back in February Tonic Studios released the Rotating Memoirs die sets which consisted of three different die sets, one base set which includes everything you need to make one of these fun rolodex type item. There are another two die sets which include different dies to decorate your project if you so wished.

When I saw this advertised by Tonic Studios it really appealed to me and fortunately Craft Stash UK was taking pre orders and that weekend they also had free postage which when buying anything in Australia is a big deal, so decided to order a set for one of my daughters to give to me for my birthday. With the Coronavirus shutting down China, I wasn't sure if they would get stocks in in time, but fortunately it did and my parcel of dies arrived a couple of days after my birthday.

I found a couple of videos on YouTube which helped me with the assembly of this. You do need 12 x 12 cardstock for this and as I thought I would need 4 sheets I had to go with lighter weight cardstock, but it turns out I didn't need 4 sheets, I only needed to die cut the sides a second time which I probably would have gotten out of the scraps from the 12 x 12 sheet. 

Here is a quick video of my calendar in action.

For my calendar today I used two of the die sets, the main die set and one of the coordinating die sets to create the pages.

I found a calendar that I thought would work online and printed that out to use for each of the individual papers. This Rotating Memoirs die can take eight pages, so I used six for the calendar and then the other two pages I used for the year and a decorative feature.

The hardest part to make this was actually attaching the pages to the cylinder at the top. I tried a variety of tapes in my stash and none of them held type. I tried my favorite glue which normally works for everything, even that had issues. In the end I had to resort of adding one or two, allowing them to dry for about 30 mins and then coming back to add more. I have since ordered some red liner tape, so hopefully next time I won't have the same issue.

And finally one more photo showing the decorative panel included in the die set, this could also be used on cards.

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