Friday, October 19, 2007

Virtual Stamp Night - Mini Challenges

Well it is time for more Virtual Stamp Night Challenges. 2 of my Fab friends are the co-ordinators for the next Virtual Stamp Night which is to be held in January 2008. Well I couldn't let this go by without being a hostess yet again now could I. I know January seems such a long way a way (thank goodness ;) ) ..... but as it is such a long time away there are going to be a series of Mini VSN between now and then.

The first Mini VSN will be held at 7pm EST Friday 19th October .... now if you live in the US that is tomorrow night ..... if you live in Australia it will be 9am Saturday morning our time! Hope you will drop by and check out the challenges. For the mini VSN's there will be a series of 4 challenges which will all be posted at the same time .... and the good news is that you can take as long as you want to create them .... you do not have to keep to the normal VSN time of 45 mins - yahhhhhhh!!! I know I find it so hard to create a card in 45 mins so I am very happy about that change.

Oh did I tell you that I will be hosting one of the challenges tomorrow! Can't tell you which one as yet .... you will have to wait till the challenges go up ... I hope you enjoy it though!

Oh and I forgot to tell you the theme for this next VSN which will be carried through all the Mini's and the January VSN ...... "Girls Night Out!" ..... what fun!

For more info on VSN & the Mini VSN check out this thread on SCS.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious .... ME OH MY!!

I LOVE These, Frances! I am a big fan of Inky ... have waaaay too many IA stamps! Darling, darling, darling!!

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving in the morning! I would have liked to have played! Phooooey on my timing!
Have a great VSN!