Monday, October 15, 2007

Rocky's Son ..... Yikes!

This is my Monday CCEE challenge card. This is my story!

1. Our challenge for today was “Role Playing” we have to pretend we are one of the other girls in our CCEE group and create a card in there style. Yikes!

2. When I first read this challenge I think I said a lot more then Yikes! But once I received the pm from our HC Tosh with the name of the person I was role playing and I thought about it for about 30 mins I was ok!

3. Can you guess which member I had to role play! Come on it should be easy to guess this one ….. to help you, here are the members that are in our group:
Stamps4funinCA; Mothermark; Cammie; Cindy_Haffner; LilLuvsStampin; DawnL & 88Keys. Post your answer with your comment!

4. Many of you have been following the adventures of our furry friend Rocky …… did you know there is one adventure he has had recently that you haven’t heard about as yet???

5. Rocky has a son!!!!!!! His name is Yikes!!!!!! That’s cause when he was told the first thing he said was Yikes!!!!!!!!!!

6. Can you see how Yikes looks just like his Father!!! Isn’t he just sooooooo cute.

7. Part of the challenge requires that I mail this off to the CCEE member we were assigned to ……… I don’t know if I wanna part with this card ……. but I will ;)

8. Ok Don’t forget to tell me in your comments who you think the person is I am role play from the list I gave you in #3.

9. I will edit this post tomorrow to let you know exactly who it was I am role playing.

Ok so who was I role playing????? .... The answer is: Cindy also Mothermark!


Stamps: Cats - Eureka Rubber Stamps; Box - Fern Gully; Bricks - Stampendous; Grass - Imaginations; Words - Karen Foster Snap Stamps

Paper: White; Black; Lime

Other: Black Ink; Burnt Sienna Fluid Chalk; Celeste Blue Impress Ink; Word Window Punch; Ticket Corner Punch; Black Brads; Foam Tape


Anonymous said...

GREAT job role playing Mothermark! This is a darling card.


Anonymous said...

Of course it is Mothermark!! Very cute card.

Alley said...

What a great card!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mothermark, good story!

Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

This is adorable! I didn't know who you were role-playing at first, but now that I read the other comments (hah!) I know that it is Mothermark. Great card!

Anonymous said...

Frances! Do you know how excited I am to receive this card...don't you get all wacky and start thinking you can keep this send it along now, you hear????

I loved creative you were...I can't wait to experience Rocky and Yikes's fun! Giggle!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable card! TFS

Juliana said...

LOL!! I love your story!! And of course you are the original storymaker herself!! Cind*I*!!

Adorable card and great story, too!!

Unknown said...

Yet again, you nailed a CCEE challenge. Is there anything you don't do well? Great role playing of Mothermark (although I love her being herself better) :)