Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tricking the Tooth Fairy!

I am still playing with Melanie Muenchinger's "What's in your tin" sets ... these are so fun to play with and so easy to use to decorate those little altoid tins. This set is avail from Gina K Designs.

Now I liked the ides of a tin for kids to leave their teeth in when they fall out so that the tooth fairy can easily come and collect it and replace it with money ... so much easier then when my kids were little and you used to leave it in a glass of water or under the pillow!

My problem is though that I don't have little kids anymore ... my children are adults and as yet I don't have grand kids either .... so why would i need a tin for the tooth fairy. Then this morning while chatting to a friend and creating another tin ... I remember about those fun teeth lollies that you can get here .... not sure if you guys get them up in the US or not ... but they have been around for years here so I figured why not make a tin for the tooth fairy and place one or two of those teeth lollies (candy) in the tin and see if the tooth fairy will come to me ... bwahahaha!

Here is my tin opened with the teeth lollies (sweets or candy... whatever you call them where you live) .... I heard recently that the price for one tooth is quite high these days ... well there are lots of teeth here so I should make a fortune ;)

I used the label stamp from this set to create my label for the top and inside of my tin .... but for this particular tin I decided to stamp on the back of my DP and used that as a guide to cut around .... so that my DP was all DP with no stamped borders .... I like how I have so many options with these sets.

I surfed to find a template of a tooth as I don't have a stamp of one (another hole in my stamp collection hehe). Oh and I even stamped thanks on the inside of the tin for when the tooth fairy leaves me all that money ... hahaha!

Stamps: What's in your Tin set 1 & Rectangle Greetings - Gina K Designs;
Paper: White; Cherry Mint Stripe DP - Scrapbooking Aust
Other: Black Ink; Green Grosgrain Ribbon; Teeth Sweets; Altoid Tin


Unknown said...

Nope, we don't have those here...they're pretty scary looking! Your tin is adorable, I love the colors of that DP.

Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

Your tin is wonderful, Frances, but ICK! Those teeth are gross. :-)

Alli Miles said...

We have gummy teeth in Canada but not as big as those *lol* I had a good chuckle reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Carson said...

LOL! I think I'm going to gag!

Melanie said...

these are hilarious! Some people are willing to go really far for a trick!! So glad to hear they're just lollipops, whew!! :)

Melanie said...

PS I LOVE the smiley faces on the teeth! really adds a lot, super cute!!

Bee's Zen Garden said...

Too cute, and that little tooth looks awesome, I have to find it too!
You're too funny, let us know if the tooth fairy brought you stamps money!! :-) (what a nice touch to remember to thank her in the inside though!!....)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I saw the picture before I read your description...I thought these were YOUR TEETH! I nearly died! So funny!

On a more serious note, your designs are beautiful! I've always admired them!