Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rebus Famous Explorers

I have been pretty slack with my rebus swap this past few months. I finally remembered that I should be getting them organised and posted.

So here at last in one I did for February with the theme Famous Explorers. See how you go solving it ... don't forget to leave a comment so I know you have played.

Here are the solutions of the last rebus I posted on my blog which was things found in a church, you can find it here:
  • Pews
  • Organ
  • Bibles
  • Hymn Books
  • Statues
  • Minister
  • Altar


Wanda said...

Those were fun, thanks for posting this!

Sharon said...

I think I have them all - Columbus, Marci Polo, Cook, Scott and Matthew Flinders. How did I do?

Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

Oh Jeez, I can never figure these out. Very cute, though.

Anonymous said...

How on earth did I miss the posting comment part? I LOVE these! Shades of Highlights in the doctor's office as a kid!
Marco Polo
Matthew Flinders (although I had to look him up once I got the puzzle!)

AND I love your nuts card, AND I love the best friends birthday card, AND I love your blog and ALL your work!

Mary Gillmarten (because I have to do anonymous on this because I can't ever get my google password to work) :)

gretchenhs said...

I think I got them all, are we supposed to post the answers?

Anonymous said...

Well, you must have been too easy on us this time, lol, because it looks like a concensus:

Marco Polo
Matthew Flinders

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I LOVE word puzzles! Columbus, Marci Polo, Cook, Scott, Matthew Flinders.

Heather said...

I made it all the way until the last word. Can someone tell me how you got "ers" out of the picture of 3 ladies?