Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Very Special Sale!

Hi all .... sorry I didn't post anything yesterday ... it wasn't because I didn't have anything or that I didn't want to but rather because I couldn't as there were a few technical issues I had which I had to wait till blogger could fix it up for me ... fortunately it didn't take the 4 business days they quoted when I sent in my request ... I would have been in very serious withdrawals if that was the case ... it was bad enough not being able to blog as it is .... I did still blog ... just couldn't post which is why you might see a few posts from me today.

This morning I received an email from Kim of My Favorite Things telling us of her friend Trish who unfortunately passed away last Tuesday after battling a rare form of ovarian cancer. Trish left behind her husband and two young children.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday 15th April), Kim will be offering a 10% discount on ALL stamps on her site. Use the coupon code Tish at checkout to receive 10% off all all the stamps in your shopping cart. (It won’t discount your other merchandise, just stamps.) The coupon code will run from Tuesday, April 15th-Friday, April 18th. 2) Kim will donate 10% of ALL proceeds (including money spent on other items on the site) to the family at their April 26th benefit.

You can read on about this on Kim's blog.

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Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tish's family.