Friday, May 25, 2007

Flashback Friday - Teabag Folding

Today's flashback friday is focusing on teabag folding - alota rubber stamps style. I like doing a little teabag folding now and again, although being a stamper I hate having to buy the teabag papers and using those to create my cards, once I have used it for a card I don't have it anymore. I much prefer to incorporate rubber stamps in my teabag folding then I am doing what I love most, stamping!

alota rubber stamps created stamps especially to be used for teabag folding a number of years ago, at the beginning it was only a few images to chose from but the range of images has grown over the years. There are images to suit all occasions, and it doesn't matter if you need a card for male or female; young or old there will be an image suitable to use for them. What I have here is just a very small sampling of what is avail.

As you can see by the frog card above I have included the teabag stamp with my card. I only have 2 teabag stamps wood mounted the rest of mine are all unmounted and I have quite a few. On the frog card rather than stamp out 8 images to form a medallion as you normally would do when creating a teabag folded card I have only stamped out 3 image and made it into an umbrella. Not all teabag stamps are suitable to make into umbrellas - make sure the image looks like the one I have included with the card, if the head goes the other way on the image than it will be upside down when turned into an umbrella.

As I mentioned before there are all sorts of stamps for or sorts of occasions, here is a baseball teabag stamp. There are a number of other sport related & male relate teabag stamps also available.

Using a teabag stamp you also have the option of what type of paper you wish to stamp it on. On the red rose card above I have stamp my teabag stamp onto white photocopy paper. Yes photocopy paper is fine to use, in Australia I have also been able to find a photocopy paper that has a coating on it; it's called Nopa paper and is available at Officeworks. I am not sure if you have sometime similar in the US etc - I am sure if we have it other here you will be able to get something there. The coated paper does give a nicer finish to the completed teabag medallion. Once you have stamped your image it is just a matter of coloring it.
If you prefer not to color, then just stamp your image onto colored papers. In the colored rose card above I stamped my teabag image onto variegated origami papers.

This is another umbrella card using the strawberry teabag image.

Hey did I tell you I noticed while I was logging in to type this post that this is my 100th post - yahhhhhhhhh!


Michele Kovack said...

Is there anything you DON"T do? I am constantly amazed at your talent! these cards are absolutely adorable!!!

Kristine said...

Congrats on your 100th post!! :) I'm in love with all these ADORABLE tea bag cards you've done. I don't know how to tea bag there a tutorial on it somewhere?? I'd love to get a couple tea bag stamps -- these are just too cute...specially the umbrellas!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow-can't think of anything that says it better.

Alli Miles said...

These are GORGEOUS cards!

Anonymous said...

These are so amazing!!! I have never seen these are so talented:)

Anonymous said...

These cards are fabulous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are all wonderful!

Linda McClain said...

I love the umbrellas, especially. This is beautiful. Linda