Friday, May 11, 2007

Flashback Friday - House Mouse

I just adore House Mouse stamps, they are sooo adorable. I can't stand real mice but these I will have in my house anytime LOL. So of course I had to feature them as one of my "Flashback Friday" features. I have decided to focus on just one image today - when I purchased mine it was when Stampa Rosa was still manufacturing them and mine is called "Wake Up!", however these days they are created by Stampabilities and when I just went searching for the image I noticed it now has a new name - "Pop"-ular Fun.

In the first card I used a variety of pinks & purples to color in the balloons, I have made this card for various different occasions including birthdays and thank yous. As there are a lot of balloons in the image your "Thanks a Bunch" verse work well with this image if you have them. I also like creating scenes sometimes with my stamps so for this one I created the floor and the walls - this is easy to do by just first drawing two lines to represent the skirting board around the floor and then using your background stamps on your walls for wallpaper and you can either just sponge your floor or in this case I used my wood texture block I have to create the floorboards. This was all done of course after I had stamped my HM image and masked it.
As I said in the previous paragraph I like creating scenes, I also like to cut my HM images apart and use them to create my own scenes - this way I get more value from my stamps. Normally if I am going to do this I would stamp my image and cut out the various HM creatures and then go through my stamp catalogs I have at home which contain images of all the stamps I own and see what will go with which image. Because I have cut out the little HM I can place them against or on the image in the catty to see what will work. This is how this fridge scene came into being! Instead of using stamps for my floor and walls, this time I used background papers - in this case the check paper represents kitchen floor tiles - I cover the join of the two papers with a piece of white paper/card to represent the skirting this helps define the wall and the floor. The fridge was then stamped and cut out and attach to the card - I added cheese in the fridge (another stamp), what else could you expect in a mouse's fridge LOL! Then the HM images were attached where needed.
By coloring your balloons in various red and green colors you can turn your HM image into a Christmas Card!

And here's my final card today using this image - this time using bright colors to create a bright birthday card!


Jan Scholl said...

Who makes the fridge stamp? I need to have it. I have an alien I would love to put inside-long standing joke here. Any kitchen appliance would work too.

Michele Kovack said...

I have a bunch of these adorable guys too! I really need more than 24 hours in a day.... : )