Friday, May 4, 2007

Flashback Friday - Snowglobes

Hi it's friday again so time for another flashback of stuff I have created. This time I am showcasing some of my SAR (Some Assembly Required) snow globe characters. Some Assembly Required have a fantastic range of stamps, stencils and/or dies to help you create fabulous 3D creations, they come in a variety of shapes not just snowglobes. There are also pears, eiffel towers, eggs, snowflakes, cakes etc. With some imagine and a little work you can create all sorts of things. All my snowglobe creations on this page were created using the stamp set (it comes with the instructions on how to make the basic globe - above left). It does take a little longer to create using the stamps and you have to first stamp all the images onto your card / acetate using an ink which won't show and then cutting them out and assembling all the pieces. It takes time but the outcome is definately worth it. Since making most of these creations SAR have come out with dies which makes the whole process sooooo much easier - I do have the dies now and did remake Mickey and Minnie and boy was it a breeze to make with those. To create the different characters is easy once you have an idea in your head, it is just a case of thinking what has that basic shape and then go for it cutting out the pieces in the particular colors needed and assembling it. Once you have done your basic shape you can cut out the add on bits and add them to your character. They are fun to make and fun to give away and suitable for all ages. Hope you enjoy looking at them

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