Saturday, May 19, 2007

VSN - Day 1

This weekend is VSN on Splitcoast Stampers. VSN stands for Virtual stamp night, special challenges are issued during the weekend and those who wish to participate have 45 mins to complete there card for that particular challenge. The theme for the VSN this weekend is May Flowers - all the challenges relate in some way to this. This is my first VSN and I have been having lots of fun and am looking forward to tomorrow when I get to give everyone my challenge as I am one of the hostesses this time round. I was able to be around for most of todays challenges, but might not be able to be there first of tomorrow as 12 noon in the US is 2am in Australia. But that is ok I will be able to make it to most of it. Here are my cards from todays challenges.
The challenge for this one was "Buggy Helpers", we had to create a card with a bug of some sort on it using spring colors. The bee on this one is by Dawnstar (an Aussie stamp company) and the background is the kindness wheel from Stampin' Up.
It has been a very long time since I have had to do any quilling, I actually used to so quilling about 20 years ago before I got into stamping. It was fun to revisit this technique but it is not something I plan to keep doing in the future. As you can see I happened to use the same background in this one as I did my previous card. I also used the vintage frame cuttlebug die to layer the quilled flower on.

The theme for this one was "A Trip to Emerald City" - how does this relate to May Flowers, well the Emerald apparently is the birthstone for May. I thought that was clever thinking. When I think of The Wizard of Oz I think of the yellow brick road and also the ruby slippers so that is what I did here. I did really want a curvy road but with only 45mins I didn't have time to get toooo carried away with trying to get the right curve - I tried once and it didn't work so went this way for my road. The shoes I used are by Third Coast Rubber Stamps.

Landscaper designer for the day was the theme for this one. I has been a while since I have had to create a scene and I did enjoy playing with my scenic stamps again. I am not totally happy with this one but again I had to consider the 45min time frame. I am not sure what company the house is from, the background Tree scene is CC Rubber Stamps, the flowers & cobblestones on the path are Stampendous and the purple flowers and hedge in the front are from the Watercolor Mini set by Stampin' Up. I am very impressed in some of the themes the hostesses used for VSN, and this one is no exception. Run for the Black Eyed Susan was the theme, which apparently to do with Horse racing and and decorating the horses with flowers of this color if they win. Our challenge was to create a card using Summer Sun and Chocolate Brown - those colors to me yell Sunflowers so this was an easy one to create. Sunflower - Stampendous; Polka Dots - Stampin' Up; D'vine Swirl Cuttlebug embossing folder.

This was another clever theme, it relates to the Mayflower - this time the ship that arrived in America sooo many years ago. Now I would never have thought of that but maybe that is because I am an Aussie - but I loved the theme. The theme was "The Glue that binds Us" - we had to create a card by using adhesives of some sort to embossing. I used my new stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms and I attached Jac paper (double sided sticker paper) to card and then used my slot punch to create the scallops and them embossed with gold ep.

If you want to read more about any of these themes or VSN you can check it out here.

I had lots of fun today and will be back tomorrow to share what I do then.


Melissa said...

FABULOUS job on all of them!!

Alhambra Club said...

All the cards are wonderful,as ususal, and love your take on Wizard of Oz. The Ruby Slippers are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Dang....those are all amazing!!! I have a hard time stamping under pressure like the VSN. I am more of a slowpoke stamper.

Alli Miles said...
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Alli Miles said...

Frances you are AMAZING!!! I just had a look through your gallery today and then over on your blog here...are there any stamps you don't own? If we didn't have continents and water between us I would LOVE to visit your stamp room. If you haven't posted photos already I would love to see where the creative genius begins. Also, would you be willing to share your marker/colouring tips? Your cards always look super. You just make stamping look super easy.

Rose Ann said...

Oh my!! These all are terrific!! I've never been brave enough to try VSN. You sure "rocked" it!