Monday, May 28, 2007

Tutorial - Coloring Grosgrain using Alcohol Markers

Last week while I was creating a card for Allison's sketch challenge, I wanted to use ribbon but didn't have the right color I wanted to use to go with the card. In the past when this has happened I have colored my ribbon using an ink pad (I normally use my fluid chalk pads), this can turn out to be a little messy and you can't put it on your card straight away as the ribbon needs to dry otherwise the ink transfers to the card - yuk!

I got my white ribbon out and for some reason I used my tria marker that I had just used to color in something on that particular card and wow - it was quick and easy to color and looked great and was ready to go on my card straight away. I have had tria's for years so sat wondering why I hadn't tried this before!

Tria's are an alcohol marker, similar to Copic and Prisma which many of you are starting to buy to color with, which is why I thought I would include this tutorial.

You need:
  • Alcohol marker eg. Tria; Copic; Prisma etc
  • White Grosgrain Ribbon

  • Using the broad nib of your marker color over your grosgrain ribbon.
  • Once you have colored over the front of your ribbon turn over to make sure the marker has seeped through to the back, if there are places missed color these spots too.
Your ribbon is now ready to be used to decorate your card however you wish!


Stefanie said...

This is such a cool idea! One more reason to be alcohol markers.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Who would have though.
Kristi Ferro

Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

awesome! something else for my wish list...

Lois Michael said...

Since I have the prisma markers I guess I will be on the HUNT for tons of white grosgrain. Thanks so much for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Another duhhh moment! Of course! What a great idea! Frances, you rock!