Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pinwheel Card Tutorial using Tag Punch

A couple of weeks ago I made two pinwheel cards which you will find here and here. As I had a number of enquires as to how to create one of these cards, I figured the easiest way to show you is to make a tutorial for you.

Most of the pinwheel cards I have seen have been created using Stampin' Up tag punch, as I don't have this particular punch at this stage and I wanted to make these pinwheel cards I decided to use my scallop tag punch by Marvy Uchida. The instructions are the same whichever punch you have ... the only thing you might need to do is adjust the amount of tags you punch to create your pinwheel .... experiment and have fun.

For my pinwheel above I punched out 9 tags from a DP ..... you may find however if you are using another style of punch you only need 8 tags.

The easiest way to explain how to fold your tags is to show you with picture.

Tag #1 ... Shows the tag ready to be folded.

Tag #2 ... Fold the right side of the tag over towards the left side of the tag ... the fold should start at the bottom left and may overlap the tag when folded.

Tag #3 ... Now take the piece you have previously folded as per tag #2 and bring back approx 1/2 down the already folded tag. Again the fold starts at the bottom left corner.

Once you have your required number of tags folded .... I normally punch out a circle and attach my pieces to this ... this allows me to then place the completed pinwheel wherever I wish on the card easily.

Finish off your pinwheel but embellishing the centre of the pinwheel using other circle punches and /or brads ... this hides any spaces etc you might have created while making your pinwheel.

Try it and have fun!!!!!


Dawn Easton said...

Oh! I LOVE it with your punch! The scallops look so pretty! Thanks for explaining this!

Unknown said...

What a great tutorial....wish I had this when we did our challenge. ;) Great job, Frances!

Rose Ann said...

These are so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!

Carolyn King said...

Oh...i wanted to know how to do this...these photos make it so easy! Thanks, Frances!

Regina said...

Great idea! Thanks for the instructions.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I spent forever on SCS trying to find directions and then trying to figure it out myself. Thanks!

Jilly said...

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