Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rebus - Name of a Motel

It is the beginning of a new month - hard to believe July is here already! So this means it is time for me to sort out the rebus swap for those who participate and also to upload my rebus card for the month here.

This month the theme is "Name of a Motel", if anyone wants to have a bash at solving them post a comment with your answers and see how you go. If anyone needs clues I will edit this post and add them here, I know a couple of you needed a little help last month and I wasn't sure how to give it but if you ask for help - look back to this post and it should be here in future.

Some things to remember:
  • is that it is the sound of the word not the spelling.
  • I normally don't cross out H's either as they can kind of silent, eg S+ hand = sand, get it!!!!
  • Pictures can stand for more than one thing. eg man - can be he, his, man, boy, anything male related.
  • A letter in the rebus can be used for phonetic purposes or as the letter's actual name. eg M could stand for "Em" or it could be a "Mmmm".
Here are the solutions to last month's "Name of a Stamping Technique" Rebus:
1. Crayon Resist
2. Brayering
3. Utee
4. Spotlighting
5. Rock & Roll
6. Beeswax

So how did you go????


Sam said...

I hope that anyone can participate here...please forgive me if this is a private game....

My guesses would be:

1/ Embassy Motel
2/ Innkeeper Motel
3/ Eastgate on the Range
4/ Analea Motel that last one is a bit of a stretch!


Anonymous said...

I actually came up with the same answers as Sam except for the spelling on #4 I had Analee Motel - I guess it could be either :)

Sam said...

Hello, Just wanted to pop back and say thanks for visiting my blog. I can't remember exactly where I found the link to you blog (maybe Stampin' When I Can?), but I have you in my Google Reader and really enjoy seeing your lovely cards.

BTW, are right it prob is Analee...not sure why I spelt it the other way :-).