Friday, July 13, 2007

Flashback Friday - Apple a Day Jokebook

It's Friday again, they sure do come round pretty fast these days! Today I thought I would show you all a fun book I created in 2003. I think I made about 4 of these at the time - 2 for gifts for an Advent calendar swap I did that year, one for a friend who was responsible for getting me this stamp set and of course one for me to keep!

I wanted some way to remember the combinations of using the country apple stamp set to make other fun characters - most of the ideas of the combinations weren't my original idea but ideas I found online at various places. However the idea of combining them all to make a joke book was my idea. The idea of making a joke book could be used for any other stamp sets that are available now - and jokes are sooo easy to find by doing a search online. That would have been how I found all these jokes.

This little book was put together using the rollabind binding systems which I think would have been fairly new at the time, however any binding systems available today could also be used.

The first thing I had to do when working out how to create this joke book was to work out how many & the types of characters I could make for this book and then search for jokes that would suit that page. The hardest part of that was deciding which jokes not to use LOL, there are soooo many out there! And of course seeing the set I was using was Country Apple, I had to add an apple page in there as well as the cover.

I also wanted to create a different background for each page, some relate to the character on that page and others are just generic backgrounds that I liked to use when I made this book.

The extra bits and pieces like beaks, faces, eyes etc were things I had already in my collection of stamps so this was a great project to get some use out of all of those.

Some of the characters I like better than others, I am not sure about that poor elephant for example LOL!

Well that is it for this week's flashback Friday - I hope you enjoyed these. It is fun remembering things I did soooo many years ago.

****While I was posting this flashback - I received a comment on my post from last Friday - the ATC's. DebM in BC asked which company makes the bear tied in the chair - it is Stamp Out Cute. I have no idea if the stamp is still available or not as I purchased mine years ago - but it is worth checking out if you like the stamp.*****


Alhambra Club said...

This book is fantastic, love the the characters you created with the apple.

Wanda said...

They are all fabulous!

Lisa C. said...

this is so cute, and funny, read my husband a bunch of these