Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tagged by Wanda!

I have been tagged yet again and this time by Wanda from My Creative Corner. As I was already tagged earlier in the week and I tagged 7 others in the process I am not going to tag anyone this time round. However in the spirit of the tag I will tell you another 7 facts about me.
  1. I am the middle child of 3 daughters.
  2. I was named after both my Grandfather & my Grandmother. My Grandfather was named Francis James and this name appears in the family tree on my Mothers side for generations before him. My Grandmothers name was Julia. So my name is Frances Julia - I didn't discover that I was the one to stop the use of this name till after both my daughters were born which I think they are very thankful for!
  3. I was the first bell ringer a the school I attended in year 7 (it was a new school) - exciting ha! LoL
  4. The 1st house I lived in after I got married, the street started with "f"; the 2nd with "b"; the 3rd with "f"; the 4 with "b" - I was convinced while we were looking for our current and hopefully final house that the street would start with "f". It doesn't it starts with "D".
  5. We have lived in our current house for about 21 years.
  6. Before I took up stamping - I created cards with calligraphy & quilling - I much prefer stamping!
  7. My favorite dessert is pavlova.

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