Saturday, July 21, 2007

Marathon Happenings & other things

Well today was Marathon day and I got up bright and early even in this cold weather so I could get there early. I wanted to have time to check out everything before my make & take at 9am.

As you can tell by the photo up the top I was very good and didn't buy tooo much. To the person I emailed the other day about Inky Antics - sorry I now have two more stamps LOL - I nearly bought more but I ended up changing my mind. The friends thing is a board book, not sure when I will get round to making it, but I liked the idea so I got one. And how could an owl collector like myself resist the little owl paintbox for only 20c in the 2nd hand section

I hadn't planned to make any of the make & takes but as I didn't have to rush off after all as my sister changed the day of her birthday lunch I decided to have a go at making one of these cute boxes made out of playing cards. This was such a fun thing to do and soooo different. A great way of using up all those old playing cards we have lying around - and I only just threw some out the other week when I was doing a clean up too - arghhhhh!
Here are a couple more views of the box I made. There is no stamping involved in this but I guess you could if you wanted somehow.
And of course don't forget today is the day the final book of Harry Potter came out. While I was at the marathon my daughter picked up our copy of the book - we preordered ours from Borders which meant we also got this cute little owl with ours - we knew we could have got it a few dollars cheaper at other places but when you are an owl lover - the couple of extra $$ was well worth it! My daughter and I will be taking turns of reading it throughout the weekend, I have already read about 100 pages and once the book is back in my hands later tonight I will get a lot more read!!!!!!!!

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Katherine (beadfreak22) said...

Your card box is so unique and creative. I love it! Where did you decide to stash all your owls?