Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rebus - Name of a Star or Constellation

As blog's are a way of finding out more of the person it belongs to, I thought I would upload something I do for a swap I host each month. I realise this is something which may not interest many of you, but I enjoy doing it and it can get that brain working and it is still stamping. This swap came about a number of years ago after I had purchased the rebus set that Stampin' Up used to sell, I figured I had it now what was I going to do with it. About the same time I found out about a rebus newsletter in a stamping magazine, so I contacted the person and discovered that the newsletter had been discontinued but that I could purchase back issues if desired, which of course I did. After showing this to a few friends I started up my monthly rebus swap, each month we are giving a theme and we have to rebus it using stamps. Since then I have tracked down a few other rebus sets which were made once upon a time, unfortunately I am unaware of any at this present time which is a shame. The rebus we had to do for March was "Name of a star or constellation", it is up to the individual participant how many things they rebus, some only do 2 or 3, but I normally do a number of different ones that will fit on the card and in the case of this months I even did one on the back of the card which I have added to the bottom of the scan for uploading purposes. To solve it look at the images, spelling isn't important, it is the sound of the word that you are after - it doesn't have to be exact just similar to work it out. Some images could have more than one meaning eg. the man used here could be: he, his, him, man etc. I will help with the first one - the arrow is pointing to the girls hair and then we have the man a few times, the solution aries (hair + (he x 5 times) hes. Normally in the case of the letter "h" you don't need to get rid of the h as it still sounds pretty similar, in other cases throughout you will notice I have as it is needed. I some of you enjoy solving this, leave a comment with your solutions. If this isn't your thing, don't worry it will only be one a month amongst every thing else I upload.
Stamps: Inkadinkadoo rebus set, Stampin' Up rebus set, RBBB and various others

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