Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look what I got today

I went out with my husband today to do some shopping for both our hobbies. I think I did very well, I first went to a stamp shop and found an acrylic stamp set and a Paper Inspirations stamp for a Marriage verse - I love there long verses they have and have quite a collection - I thought this one would be good as I do make a few wedding cards now and then especially for my eldest daughter. I then went to one of my favorite stationery shops to get some card I like - apparently the company has discontinued my favorite colors in the range which is tobacco & olive - I used to use them a lot - arghhhhhhh. Anyway I did find a few sheets of tobacco and the owner of the shop is going to try another place for old stock so fingers crossed. I also wanted a reinker for my tria pens and while I was selecting the color I wanted I discovered a couple of others at half price wow! reinkers are normally way expensive so I would have been silly to pass them up - there was another on that shelf without the half price sticker on it so I asked if that was on special too or not - it wasn't (didn't think it was), but she then started going through the drawers and pulling out others she would mark down so of course I had to have them. When we were packing up my purchases we discovered a crack in one of the lids, so she replaced this for another and then gave me the faulty one too - what a bargain!!! Of course I am a very happy girl!

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Anonymous said...

That is a bargan you are a lucky person the last time i seen trias for 1/2 price i had no money so i had to pass it up :-(