Thursday, April 26, 2007

My April Rebus Swap

I haven't done any stamping today, however it is just about time for me to sort out the rebus swaps for this month so I thought I would show you mine. The theme this month is "Name of a Cigarette Brand". It's not a theme I would have particularly selected, someone else in our swap did and at first I wasn't going to include it in the list of swaps this year. But in the end I did, none of us smoke so it isn't for that reason it was included - it was just a case of finding something different we hadn't already rebused in past years.

In case anyone out there is following along with this, I will include the solutions to last months rebus (Name of a constellation or star) here:
1. Aries
2. Virgo
3. Taurus
4. Ursa Minor
5. Scorpio
6. Cancer
7. Pegasus
8. Orion
9. Andromeda
10. Canis Major

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