Friday, April 6, 2007

More on Tria's

Yesterday when I posted I was telling you about my tria markers I use to color in with and I was trying to describe the 3 different nibs on the one pen. I am sure I confused some of you who were reading (if anyone was LOL), and to be honest it never occurred to me to take a photo - duh! Sorry I am still new to this blog thing and to be honest hadn't at the time worked out how to put two photos in the one post which is what i would have had to do yesterday. I have since worked that out but don't need it today, but it will help when I am ready to do a tutorial or whatever.

If you look at the photo you can see the difference in the nibs.
1. The one closest to the bottom has a ultrafine nib, great for very detailed work or for writing etc.
2. The middle one has a fine, rounded bullet nib - this is the one I use the most often for coloring in areas.
3. The one at the back has a broad chisel nib, this one is good for very large areas.

There are also other nibs you can get, some of mine I have replaced the broad chisel nib with a brush nib which is easier to use close to finer areas but still good for the large areas.

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