Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebus–“O” Words

Rebus O Words wm

Hi all,

It is time for another rebus swap to share with you all. This month the theme of my rebus is “O” Words …. each rebused word will start with the letter “O”.

If you would like to solve it, why not post a comment to this blog post with your answers. I will let you know what the correct answers are next time I post a rebus card here.

I don’t have any solutions for you this month as last month’s swap was to make a rebus birthday card rather than our normal challenge.How did you go?????

You can find all my past rebus cards here.


  1. ...oh- sorry- I can´t understand it...BUT I wish you a happy day...BIG smile...

  2. I'm gonna give it a try, not too sure about the last two.
    1. ornaments
    2. oyster
    3. oil
    4. oatmeal
    5. oaf
    6. offense
    7. organ
    8. orderly
    9. open
    10. obedience
    11. olive

    Can't wait to see the answers!


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