Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Info on Stamp Cabinets.

I have had a few enquires about my stamp cabinet that I showed you all in the post below and where I got them.

My DH made all the cabinets himself and we purchased just the 1" & 2" plastic drawers which come complete with runners, he then added these to my cabinets in the places I wanted them. That way I could get exactly what I wanted.

You can also purchase the drawers in a unit if you so wish.

For any Australian's wanting to purchase these you can do so from Arnold's Scrapbooking & Craft Supplies.

Anyone in the Northern Hemisphere you can find the info you need from Best Craft Organizers.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, now I'm even more impressed knowing that your DH MADE the cabinets! Is he a carpenter by trade? And will you *rent* him out?!!! I wish my DH could make these for me, seeing as I just priced out how expensive the cabinets are!