Friday, June 29, 2007

Flashback Friday - A Little Filing!

It's Friday again so time for another flashback of something I created sometime ago and I have in my files. Today I thought I would share this cute little 3D scene that I created for a friend and myself. We had both purchased this fun file folder set from Victorine Originals which consisted of a file folder, a note & sayings so of course we both challenged each other to come up with something using it. From memory they also included a photocopy pattern to make a single filing cabinet. I used this pattern and made two filing cabinets and joined them together to make the filing cabinet you see here. I used square brads for the handles.

I have a filing cabinet here that looks very similar to this (except mine is 3 drawers), full of card samples I used to use when I taught classes. So when I created this little scene I decided to make it into a stamping scene. Inside the filing cabinet are lots of little files that I stamped and cut out from a manilla folder, I then named each of the folder to hold various stamping related things:

  • Stencils - I used punches to punch out pieces of card.
  • Catalog - I created a tiny little catalog using tiny stamps for the inside (this was to duplicate a catalog I keep of stamps I own) I also did another where I scanned real catalog covers and reduced them for another folder.
  • Magazines - I scanned some magazine covers and reduced them to put inside one folder
  • Card Techniques - I used real patterns or instructions and reduced the size before printing them out.
  • Ink Pad Color Chart - I even reduced an ink pad color chart I keep and made a mini one.
  • Card Samples - I created 2 folders one with my name on it and one with my friends - I then printed out tiny samples of cards we had both created and I had on the computer and put them in the folders.
  • Address List - I also printed out an address list of a club I belong to for another folder.
  • Wish List - This is the file the girl is holding and has her head in (hmmm I guess a bit like many of you with the SU catty at present LOL) - inside the folder are a few sheets of paper with rows of the word stamps typed on it!
The filing cabinet is attached to a piece of thick card that was covered with a woodgrain cardboard. The girl is called Peeking Betty and actually has part of her hat cut off so she can peek in some unusual places (more on her another time) I stamped her twice (once using mirror image stamp and glued the top part of her together and then placed a piece of card that is folded in a triangle at the bottom portion to allow her to stand - this was then attached to the board.

The cat is a back to front stamp by Art Impressions - you get both the front and back image - to allow this to stand I sandwiched foam core board between each piece.

To finish off the piece I added stamps & embossing powder, a clock and markers to the top of the filing cabinet, these are parts of stamps I own that I stamped and used for this project again using foam core to give them substance. Again I reduced a card I made and placed this one my filing cabinet, this particular card I chose had special meaning to myself and my friend (Susan) who was the recipient of this and the stamp used to create that card on the cabinet was one called Susan, Frances & Helene.

It was lots of fun featuring this particular project for my flashback friday this week, I have this sitting on one of my shelves where I stamp and although I see it everyday I haven't actually looked at it in depth for a long time. I had forgotten what I had actually put inside the filing cabinet until I pulled it off the shelf just now to describe it to you all.

Stamps: File Folder Set - Victorine Originals; Peek a boo Betty - Annaleey Crafts (Australia); Clock - Darcie; Cat - Art Impressions; Rug - Ann-ticipations; Stamping Accessories - Raindrops on Roses


Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure spend alot of time on your projects! Very cute!

Libby Hickson said...

This is SO cute!!! What great detail, it must have been so much fun to create.