Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Price of Change!

Over the next couple of months my husband plans to make a number of improvements to my stamping area. The first part of this process will be building me some new cupboards to help solve the problem on where to store my ever growing stamping supplies. This will be a good thing! However these improvements come at a price, and I am not talking about the cost of the materials to make the cupboards, having a DH who can make these means the price isn't too much of an issue. I have also begun buying plastic storage boxes so that everything stays neat and I have asked for pull out shelves so I can easier access everything that it stored in there - no more hidden things in that back corner. The price I am referring to is that to have these cupboards I am going to have to lose some other things in the process.

The first thing I will be losing is my owl cupboard (pictured above), its not the greatest photo but it was the best I could get as I had to take it at an angle. All my owls from this cupboard have now been removed and are ready to be stored for a while in a large plastic storage container so they don't get ruined. This container will have to go down to the back shed while everything is happening. I have been promised that I will get built a corner unit elsewhere in the house which should store most if not all of them - so I guess that isn't tooo bad. But it sure feels strange not being able to look over at that corner of the room and seeing my owls.

The other thing that will need to go to make room for these improvements is this dolls house & the cupboard underneath. My dh plans to build me a double sided cupboard with bookcase on the reverse side for my mags etc. My mother purchased this some years ago decorated most of it and it got too much for her so she offered it to me. It was much bigger than I thought it was and my DH had to build the cupboards that it is sitting on now as there was nowhere it would fit. The problem with this dolls house is that to get inside the house you need to go to the back of the doll house, the front doesn't open so it needs an area where you can get to both sides - there is nowhere else it can go. But guess it is going to have to go, I am a little sad about this as even though I don't give it the attention it deserves I do like the look of it, but again being able to access my things easier will be great.

The cupboard that is replacing my owl cupboard is just about ready to be installed, then comes the big job of working out what I am going to store in there.

I'll be sure to share some pics when the new improvements are finished!

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merrymstamper said...

I am sure your space will be awesome when your husband is finished with the projects. :)