Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tutorial - Rubber Cement Technique

Seeing I was playing with the rubber cement technique to create my ATC's in my previous post, I thought it might be fun to do a tutorial for everyone on this technique. As you can see by my card I have used the rubber cement to create a particular pattern of lines. You can if you wish just drizzle the rubber cement randomly over your card which will give you a completely different look again. Experiment and see what look you like the best.

What you need:
2 to 3 colors of dye ink
Rubber Cement
White Gloss Card
Adhesive Remover (Optional)

1. Apply the rubber cement to your gloss card as desired. This can be done in lines, squiggles, dots or whatever pattern you wish. Allow to dry.

NB: My rubber cement comes in a tube so I can just squeeze it on but you can also get rubber cement in a jar. If your rubber cement comes in a jar use the brush that comes with the rubber cement to apply it.

2. When dry use your brayer your lightest color ink
over your card and the rubber cement.

3. Apply the rubber cement to your card again this time over the brayered areas of your card. Remember you can do any pattern you wish. Allow to dry.

4. When dry, brayer your second color over your card as you did in step 2.

5. If desired apply a third lot of rubber cement and ink on your card.

I have only applied 2 layers of rubber cement and ink to my card it just depends on the look you want.

6. Once you have finished apply all the rubber cement and ink to your card and it is dry, you need to remove the dried rubber cement from your card. To do this you can either use a adhesive eraser or you can use your finger to rub the adhesive off.

7. Use your rubber cement piece to create your card as desired.


Anonymous said...

Frances, your card looks amazing!

Alhambra Club said...

What a great card, I have never heard of this technique, I will have to try it. Does the odor of the cement get to you?

Alli Miles said...

Fantastic tutorial! So easy to follow and a beautiful card to boot!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

So neat! Multi-coloring is something I had not considered. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tutorial Frances. I love the Rubber Cement technique, never seen it before ... definitely a must try.

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Wow, really cute!!! I'll have to try that out!

BarbK said...

This is amazing technique. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I appreciate it. I visit your site frequently.

Dawn Easton said...

Your card and ATC's are stunning! Thanks for the tutorial. I will have to try this soon!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've never seen this before- gotta try it! I also love the ATC's.

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

I have seen this technique before but never live this. I love you card & did a great job. So simple can be so elegant. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I love this tutorial...must give it a try sometime! Thank you for tagging me again, Frances! This one was hard though because I am a huge blabber mouth! One word was torture!
Love your work...thanks for your daily inspiration:)!