Friday, August 3, 2007

Flashback Friday - CD Case Popup

This week we are back with our regular Flashback Friday feature. Today I am going back to 2003 and a challenge I was given by a friend was to create something using this shaped CD case she sent me. After a little thought about what I could do with it, I decided as it looked a little like a shell shape I would turn it into a shell pop up card.

For the outside, I was lucky as I had a large shell stamp which was a similar size, I may have had to enlarge it just a tiny bit and then change the shape slightly so that it would fit exactly onto the CD case ......... no one is that lucky to have a stamp to fit perfectly!

The inside it was just a matter of tracing the shape onto card and create an underwater scene. What was to be the pop up piece had to be of a size that it didn't get in the way of the middle section that the CD normally fits onto as the pop up wouldn't last tooo long! It was a fun challenge!

Recipe: Stamps: Shell - Commotion; Verse - PSX; Mermaid - Stampendous; Underwater scene (back) - alota; crabs & starfish - Stampendous; Rock - Stampscapes; "I'd like to see "verse - alota
Paper: White
Other: CD Case; Tria Markers

Deb M in BC asked:
Do you use sticky notes to make masks? You had mentioned that you keep your masks for the next time, but I find when using sticky notes, that they lose their stick with multiple uses.

Answer: Actually it depends what is handy at the time and how big the image is too, sometimes I will use sticky notes and other times any scrap paper will do. Yes sticky notes won't keep their sticky forever but that is ok ........ I normally have one of those repositionable tape things that you just have to roll on handy so if I need to restick something I just use that. It also depends what it is I am masking ............ how big, etc ............. some things will stay put on their own ....... although having it sticky is a big help so it doesn't move.

Don't forget too when you are making your masks ..... to cut just inside the line not outside it ....... this prevents getting a halo effect ......... which is unwanted white space you might somethings get.

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